Saturday, June 16, 2012

Those unsocialized homeschoolers!

If you homeschool, you've been questioned.  "Aren't you worried about socialization????"  Why YES I am.  That's WHY I homeschool!  Really?  You think kids (as a whole, generalized group) in the classroom at a public school are the example of behavior and social skills that you want your children to emulate?  Yes, there are some wonderful children in public school, but we all know kids learn their poor social skills from the classroom.  Is a classroom the only place you want your child to get their social skills from?  Why should that be the number one source?  Homeschoolers certainly have access to all the other sources of socialization:  church, neighbors, friends, sports, scouts, book clubs, playground groups, parties.......need I mention more?  Contrary to popular belief, we do not lock our children up in a closet and throw away the key.

Check out these unsocialized homeschoolers!

Park time with FRIENDS!!!

Birthday parties with FRIENDS!
Tea Parties with FRIENDS!
Field Trips with lots of other "unsocialized homeschoolers!"
Eventually, we have to say NO to all the unsocialized activities.  We do need to do some school work on occasion.  Or, we find ourselves at summer time with some school work to wrap up while we should be going to the pool!  I wouldn't know anything about this of course............


RebeccaMom said...

I love it! We are "unsocialized homeschoolers" too and have found ourselves in need of saying "no" to many activities! :)

Danielle Lowden said...

Miss you guys Rebecca!!!!